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Mother of two children arrested for trimming neighbor’s tree

By Mason White 12:32 PM April 19, 2015
Karen Gaynor 

By: Chan Yuan
A mother was arrested and treated as a common criminal after trimming her neighbor’s tree.

Karen Gaynor of Rotherham, England, appeared in court on charges of causing criminal damage for trimming the tree.

Gaynor’s next door neighbors Michael and Kay Daye, filed a complaint with the South Yorkshire Police over the tree. The two women had a long-standing dispute over the boundaries of their properties.

The court heard that 53-year-old Gaynor asked council officials about pruning the branches that were hanging over her garden. Officials told the woman that she can prune the tree, but refused to show her how much she can cut.

Prosecutors said that her tree pruning “was far beyond the legal excuse” and she caused “unnecessary damage.”

The mother of two children was held in jail for 6 hours before she was released on bail. Gaynor said that she was under tremendous amount of stress for the 7 months until her case went to trial.

It took a judge 15 minutes of hearing the case to find Gaynor not guilty of the charges. The judge said that she acted with good intentions.

Many people were outraged over the arrest of Gaynor.

Authorities in Rotherham, were recently slammed for ignoring widespread child abuse and the grooming of teenage girls.