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Elderly man shocked to find long snake crawling inside his oven as he prepared to cook dinner

By Mason White 2:37 AM April 21, 2015
California King Snake found in oven 

By: Tanya Malhotra
An elderly man was shocked to find a long snake crawling in his oven while preparing to cook himself dinner, animal control officers in the United Kingdom said.

The 65-year-old man of Bolton, found the three-foot California king snake in his oven before putting it in a plastic bag.

David Atherton then called animal control officers. Atherton’s sister, who is scared of snakes, was taken to a hospital with heart problems after hearing about the snake.

Animal control officers said that snakes can get into really small gaps and get into small places, which is probably why it was found in the oven.

They are not dangerous, but will bite if provoked. If someone sees a snake they should not touch it, and call the Humane Society.

California King Snakes feed on rodents, birds and reptiles.