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Man rips out eye of his mother’s dog during a drunken rage

By Mason White 10:09 AM April 20, 2015
David Etzel and the dog Cujo 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man ripped an eye out of his mother’s dog after it bit him.

David Etzel, 36, of Florida, was arrested for biting his mother’s dog and ripping its eye out of the socket, police said.

Etzel, who had been drinking, grabbed the Shih Tzu named Cujo and picked it up by the throat, his mother told Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies.

Cujo bit Etzel in anger and he decided to bite the dog. He then grabbed the dog’s right eye and ripped it out of the socket.

Michele Etzel rushed her 10-pound puppy to the veterinarian. The dog needed 2 surgeries. Cujo is now blind in its right eye.

David Etzel was arrested at his mother’s Lake Worth home, where he had been sleeping, deputies said. He denied hurting the dog.

“As a mother I feel terrible that my son, David Etzel, sits in jail charged with animal cruelty. Had he not been drinking, he would never have hurt Cujo as he loved Cujo and Cujo loved him,” Michele Etzel wrote on her Gofundme page, where she hopes to get donations to pay for the surgeries, which cost her $2,300.

“I do not want David around me or my animals. I feel sorry for my son and hope he gets the help he needs. He has been depressed for many years and alcohol is his demon,” she added.

David Etzel was charged with cruelty to animals and is being held in lieu of $10,000 bail.