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Woman pretending to be social worker kills mother and kidnaps her 3-month-old baby

By Mason White 10:53 AM April 20, 2015
Samantha Fleming 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman pretended to be working with the department of social services so that she can kidnap a little baby.

Police said that a 36-year-old woman of Indiana, is now in custody, suspected of carrying out a twisted plot of killing the young mother to steal her 3-week-old baby and claiming the child as her own.

The suspect, who has not been identified, pretended to be from the child protective services office when she ordered 23-year-old Samantha Fleming to come with her.

Fleming, who recently gave birth to a daughter named Serenity, lived with her boyfriend when she disappeared with her baby.

Fleming was reported missing by her boyfriend. Police followed leads, which led them to the suspect’s home, but she was not there.

Investigators said that they smelled a foul odor coming from the suspect’s single family home.

Inside, they found the body of the missing woman. She had been stabbed, covered with bleach, wrapped in plastic and stuffed in a plastic container.

Investigators searched the house when the suspect’s sister came in. She had a newborn baby with her and had come to pick up some things.

Police quickly realized that the baby was Serenity. The sister told police that she was asked to care for the baby while the suspect went to Texas to visit family.

The suspect is now in police custody in a hospital in Texas, where she is under the care of mental health professionals.

The child was handed over to police. Lt. Thomas Pawlak said that the suspect’s home had been equipped with a nursery.

“It seems that she had been planning this. There was everything you would buy for a new baby. A crib, changing table, diaper bag, carrier and new clothes,” Pawlak said.

A neighbor said that the suspect said she was pregnant before the murder was uncovered.

Police are determined to find out how the suspect had so much personal information about Fleming.