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Woman puts cricket in her food to get her restaurant food for free

By Mason White 9:28 AM April 21, 2015
Shatanya Arielette Beasley 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A woman was arrested on charges of obtaining property by false pretenses after allegedly putting an insect on her plate at a restaurant in order to get her food for free, police in North Carolina said.

Charlotte Police said that they have arrested 26-year-old Shatanya Arielette Beasley, after she got a free meal at Applebee’s on Wednesday, when she complained about a cricket in her food.

Beasley left her wallet on the table, and a restaurant manager said he saw a bag of crickets in the woman’s bag. He told her that she had to pay for the food, but Beasley left the restaurant without paying.

An employee wrote down her license plate number, and called the police. Police arrested Beasley on Friday, and she was released after posting $2,500 bail.

After being released, Beasley went back to the restaurant and paid the bill.