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Police officer killed by woman speeding to funeral while trying to help suicidal man who jumped off a bridge

By Mason White 9:31 AM April 21, 2015
Spencer Bell 

By: Chan Yuan
A police officer is dead after being hit by a woman who was speeding to a funeral, police in the United Kingdom said.

71-year-old Spencer Bell, who ran to help the suicide victim who had jumped from the bridge on the M1 highway, was killed by the speeding woman’s car as she was trying to wiggle herself out of a traffic jam.

According to the police investigation, Bell went into the road and activated his emergency lights.

As he tried to help the man who was already dead from the fall, Bell was hit by a Toyota Previa being driven by 32-year-old Iram Shahzad, a mother of three children.

A court heard that Shahzad was traveling at a speed of around 85 miles per hour with two small children in the back of the car.

When she realized that two lanes were blocked by vehicles, she tried to swerve and speed in the third lane, where Bell was trying to revive 67-year-old Alan Tretheway.

The Toyota hit Bell, sending him flying through the air, killing him instantly. Shahzad was charged with causing the death of Bell, and she was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

The term was suspended for two years. She was also disqualified from driving for 18 months.