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FDA worker forced to sit in vomit soaked seat on United Airlines flight

By Mason White 3:32 PM April 21, 2015
Scott Shirley along with his wife and son 

By: Chan Yuan
An FDA (Food and Drug Administration) worker was disgusted by seeing her luggage getting damp from vomit while flying on a United Airlines flight.

The woman of Maryland, said that she was forced to sit in a vomit soaked seat while flying home from Orlando, Florida, where she was vacationing.

Scott Shirley said that after he boarded the United Airlines flight with his wife and son, they noticed an unusual odor coming from their seats.

They placed their luggage underneath their seats and realized that their bags were wet and smelling of vomit. Shirley said that his wife suffers from a fear of germs and immediately began to cry.

The airline acknowledged that a passenger sitting in that area had become ill on a previous flight, but the family was told it had been cleaned by the cabin crew.

The family denied that the area was cleaned. The woman, who works at the Food and Drug Administration, had to be at work and chose to stay on the plane despite the vomit.

They were given garbage bags to wrap their dirty luggage.

United Airlines has apologized and admitted that the seats were not cleaned thoroughly as they should have been before takeoff.

United Airlines issued a flight voucher of $150 for each member of the Shirley family.