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Groom kills his bride because he was jealous that men were looking at her

By Mason White 5:54 PM April 21, 2015
Cicera Alves de Sena 

By: Feng Qian
A groom killed his bride just 4 days after their wedding because he was jealous that other men were looking at her, police in Brazil said.

Rio de Janeiro Police said that 32-year-old Milton Vieira Severiano killed 29-year-old Cicera Alves de Sena, in the garden of their apartment while surveillance cameras were recording his actions.

The video shows Severiano crushing the head of his wife in the concrete floor 11 times before shooting her 5 times in the face. He admitted to killing his wife, a professional dancer, because he was jealous that men were always looking at her.

She belonged to a group named Jaula das Gostozuedas. Shortly after the murder, Severiano fled the scene using his neighbor’s car.

He was later arrested and police found four pistols, a shotgun and a bulletproof vest in his possession. He faces life in prison if convicted of murder.