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Man accidentally runs over and kills pregnant wife while she demanded money to fix her car

By Mason White 2:50 PM April 22, 2015
Honda Civic illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman was killed while arguing with her husband over money to fix her car.

The woman of Texas, was 36 weeks pregnant when she was accidentally killed by her husband during an argument, but doctors managed to save her baby.

The couple, who was not named, were arguing in the parking lot of an apartment complex at 10800 South Glen near South Kirkwood Road in southwest Houston.

The husband admitted to police that during the heat of the argument, he tried to drive away in his green Chevrolet pickup when his wife grabbed the door handle.

She slipped and fell to the ground and her husband ran her over. Police said that the couple got into an argument when the woman demanded money from her husband to get her Honda Civic fixed.

The husband did not have the money and told her that she will have to wait until he has money to get the car fixed. “However, she wanted the money immediately,” Houston police investigator Rolando Saenz said.

Police spent several hours questioning the man about the tragic events. They also interviewed witnesses, and police believe that the woman was killed by accident.

“Witnesses at the scene said that the husband was crying, and called police for help,” Saenz said.

Police have not filed charges against the husband.

Paramedics rushed the woman to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital, where doctors successfully delivered her baby by Caesarean section. The baby is said to be in stable condition.

However, doctors were unable to save the mother and she succumbed to her injuries.