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Husband beats his wife to death because she refused to have sex with him

By Mason White 8:44 AM April 23, 2015
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By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly beating his wife because she refused to have sex with him, police in Nigeria said.

Imo State Police said that Emilia Ebedo, was beaten to death by her husband for refusing to have sex with him due to his infidelity.

The 50-year-old husband beat his wife before taking her to a hospital, where she died of her wounds. Neighbors of the couple told investigators that they fought through their 6-year marriage due to the husband’s infidelity.

The wife was also angry about constantly giving her husband money, which he used on other women. On the day of the murder, when the wife refused to have sex with her husband, he flew into a rage and killed her.

The husband was arrested and charged with one count of murder. He will be brought before a magistrate’s court for a bail hearing.