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23-year-old wife chops up her husband for marrying another woman

By Mason White 5:33 PM April 23, 2015
Married couple illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A wife who was extremely angry that her husband decided to marry another woman, chopped up her husband in a field, police in Uganda said.

Kalere Police said that they have arrested 23-year-old Unity Atuhere, after killing her husband on Tuesday.

According to the police investigation, Atuhere asked 26-year-old Christopher Tukaherwa to go outside in the garden to dig a buffer zone before the upcoming rain.

As Tukaherwa was digging, the wife grabbed a machete and cut up her husband. After her husband was dead, Atuhere went to the nearest police station and surrendered.

Police officers who arrived at the couple’s home, found the victim dead in the garden. During questioning, the woman told police officers that she killed her husband because he married another woman.

Neighbors said that Atuhere became angry with her husband after he married the other woman last month. Atuhere was charged with one count of murder.