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Man gets right to son after friend uses turkey baster with his sperm to get pregnant

By Mason White 2:20 PM April 23, 2015
Pregnant woman illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman impregnated herself using her friend’s sperm, but refused to allow him to be in the baby’s life.

Now, the man won a court case giving him the right to be actively involved in his son’s life.

According to court documents, the woman became pregnant after using a turkey baster filled with the man’s sperm.

Robert Preston Boardwine of Virginia, provided his friend Joyce Rosemary Bruce with sperm. The pair underwent several tries before she became pregnant.

Bruce impregnated herself using the kitchen accessory in 2010. The couple did not have a signed agreement on the terms of Boardwine’s involvement in the child’s life.

Bruce told the court that she had chosen the method of conception because she believed that the absence of sex means that Boardwine had no parental rights.

However, after the child was born, the couple disagreed on the level of participation that Boardwine would have in the life of the boy as Bruce intended on raising him alone.

Bruce did not want to consider any of the names Boardwine suggested for their son. She wanted him to be only part of her son’s life like any other friend would.

Boardwine went to court to fight for his rights to be hands-on in his son’s life. He told the court that he “wanted to attend the boy’s sporting events some day, and have a say in major decisions such as which school the boy attends.”

Bruce argued that Boardwine had no rights because under the state’s assisted conception law, he was merely a sperm donor.

However, the law defines assisted conception as a pregnancy resulting from “medical technology.”

The Virginia Court of Appeals ruled that Boardwine is more than a sperm donor and is entitled to be a part of his son’s life.

Judge Stephen R. McCullough wrote in the ruling that a kitchen utensil such as a turkey baster is not part of the term “medical technology” and therefore, he had the right to his son.