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Real estate agent sends box of feces to his main competitor

By Mason White 8:57 AM April 24, 2015
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By: Tanya Malhotra
A real estate agent was arrested on charges of mailing a noxious substance after sending a box filled with feces to his main rival, prosecutors in Australia said.

58-year-old Grant Campbell Tucker pleaded not guilty at the Auckland District Court to charges of mailing a noxious substance and use of a telephone to harass.

Today, Tucker had a change of heart and pleaded guilty to violating the Postal Services Act. The other charge was dismissed.

According to the police investigation, there was a long-term dispute between Tucker and real estate agent John Charles Wills.

Both men sell properties in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Auckland. One day, Wills’ lawyer received a package in a courier bag with Tucker’s letterhead.

It was opened on the steps of the police station and a police officer observed the feces in the box. While Tucker admitted to sending the package, he denied that the feces was his.

Tucker claimed that the package was originally sent to him and he returned it to the sender. Police officers took the package and destroyed it.