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School bans girls from running in competitions for fear of losing their virginity

By Mason White 12:53 PM April 24, 2015
Women running competition illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A school in Australia, is being criticized for prohibiting girls from participating in running competitions for fear of losing their virginity.

The shocking claim was made against an Islamic high school in Melbourne, but school officials denied that girls were being banned from running to protect their virginity.

Officials in Victoria, said that they will investigate allegations by a former teacher of the Al-Taqwa College that principal Omar Hallak ordered the girl to stay away of the competitions.

Hallak said that girl participate in a full range of sports such as basketball, cricket, hockey, tennis and netball. Other recreational activities include rope climbing, hiking, archery, golf, volleyball and table tennis.

Girls are encouraged to participate in all activities, subject to parental consent.

Education Minister James Merlino confirmed that an investigation was underway and said that he was concerned about the allegations.

Merlino said that he can cut funding to the school if investigations discover problems with discrimination.