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Naked man runs after prostitute in train station after being robbed

By Mason White 9:48 AM April 26, 2015
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By: Mahesh Sarin
A prostitute was arrested on charges of theft after allegedly stealing a bag from a man, containing his identification and 500 euros ($543), police in France said.

Toulouse Police said that at first, the man was arrested after being seen at a train station running after the woman with his pants down.

The incident unfolded around 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, after the 36-year-old man got into a fight with the prostitute.

Police suspected a crime of a sexual nature when they saw the man jump on the woman running along the station before the man explained that he had in fact been robbed.

The man told police that the woman is a prostitute, and she took his cash and papers.

The man explained that he met the woman at a nearby hotel for sex, but she ran away with his identification and 500 euros ($543).

The 33-year-old prostitute was found to be in possession of the stolen bag and was taken into police custody on charges of theft.