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Thief kills female taxi driver because she only had $70 to give him

By Mason White 9:49 AM April 26, 2015
Taxi illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
A thief few into a rage while robbing a female taxi driver and killed her, police in Austria said.

Wels Police said that the suspect, who previously served time in prison for killing his girlfriend, brutally stabbed the 56-year-old taxi driver in Linz on Monday night.

46-year-old Erwin K. was convicted of strangling his girlfriend in 1990, for which he was sentenced to serve 20 years in prison. Traces of his DNA was found on a jacket near the crime scene.

He was released from prison 2 months ago, after serving time for theft, credit card fraud and assault. After receiving a tip from hotel employees, plainclothes police officers arrested Erwin at the Greif Hotel.

He was taken by surprise and did not resist arrest. Police suspect that he had planned to rob the taxi driver. She only had 66 euros ($71) from the day’s work and was stabbed several times in the face, head and neck with a razor.