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Police officers lock out new black female mayor from her office

By Mason White 11:22 AM April 26, 2015
Betty McCray 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A woman was blocked from entering city hall despite being voted into office.

The new mayor of a town in Missouri, met police at City Hall and was told that she had been suspended over allegations of voter fraud.

Betty McCray, the elected mayor of the city of Kinloch, went to City Hall after being sworn into office, but she was stopped from entering the building by police officers.

Attorney James Robinson told the newly elected mayor “You can’t come in as mayor, you have been suspended.”

McCray however, was defiant, telling Robinson:, “You can be the lawyer now, but I promise, you will not be later.”

Concerns have been raised to the St. Louis County Board of Elections and the Missouri Secretary of State about registered voters who no longer live the county.

McCray defeated Mayor Darren Small by 63 votes. However, the outgoing administration refused to administer the oath of office to her after the allegations surfaced.

The city allegedly found that two apartments, where 6 people were registered to vote, were vacant and stripped of furniture and appliances. One just had a bottle of pickles and two oxygen tanks among other garbage.

McCray dismissed the accusations as absurd.

McCray was sworn in by a St. Louis County court clerk, but was denied access to the office by police.