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Man drugs and rapes massage therapist during session

By Mason White 10:46 AM April 27, 2015
Massage illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested on charges of rape after allegedly drugging as massage therapist during a paid session, police in the United Arab Emirates said.

Dubai Police said that they arrested 44-year-old M.A., after being accused of raping 33-year-old S.H., at a salon.

The victim told investigators that around 15 minutes into the massage, he turned around and asked her to do his legs. After five minutes, he told her to stop because he wanted to get some clothes.

He put the clothes on her face and she passed out for 30 minutes. When she woke up, she felt pain in her private parts. M.A. left her Dh1,000 and told her to buy pain killers for the pain.

The next day she told the receptionist what happened, and the police were notified. A DNA test confirmed sexual contact between M.A. and S. H.

M.A. was charged with one count of rape.