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3 women kidnap and gang rape man for 4 days

By Mason White 4:17 PM April 27, 2015
Three women illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A man filed a complaint with the police, saying that he was gang raped by a group of women, police in South Africa said.

Tembisa Police said that the 31-year-old unidentified man said that he was abducted by three women and repeatedly sexually assaulted over four days.

The man told police that on Saturday, he was standing at the side of a road in order to get a lift. The three women, who were traveling in a BMW, offered him a lift to his destination, and he got into the car.

They drove to a garage in Oakmoor, where they demanded money from the man. When the man told them that he had no money, they pulled a gun and blindfolded him.

He was kept as a sex slave until Wednesday morning. The man was found dumped under a bridge. Police are looking for the three women, but so far, no arrests have been made.