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Father horrified to find his 2 children frozen in ice cream freezer

By Mason White 5:48 PM April 27, 2015
Freezers illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A father is being investigated after his two children froze to death in a freezer, police in Nigeria said.

Delta State Police said that Andrew Oseni claimed to have discovered the bodies of his two sons, 6-year-old David Oseni and 4-year-old Shedrack Oseni, inside the freezer that he uses for his ice cream business.

The boys died of hypothermia, and there was no signs of violence on their bodies. Andrew Oseni told investigators that the day before the tragic incident, he took the freezer for repairs.

When he brought it home, he plugged it in to check if it was working. After 25 minutes, he went to check on the freezer and was shocked to find his dead children inside.

The children were immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where they were both pronounced dead. Police said that the father is no longer cooperating with investigators and they are preparing to file charges.