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Cab driver turns down tips in favor of selfies with passengers

By Mason White 8:18 AM April 27, 2015
Teng Jiazhi with his passengers 

By: Feng Qian
A taxi driver in China, became famous for taking selfies with his customers.

Now, the taxi driver has entered the record books for his collection of 30,000 selfies with passengers.

58-year-old Teng Jiazhi, also known as “Uncle Teng,” explained how he started the trend of taking selfies rather than tips.

Teng said that he was working in the Liaoning Province on a freezing night, when he picked up a couple who had been standing on the side of the road for over an hour.

They couple were so grateful that they offered to pay some extra money. Teng refused, so he opted for a souvenir photo with them instead.

Teng said that he was inspired after that meeting and placed a camera in the cab to take selfies with his customers to help brighten up their day.

On average, he drives eighty passengers and about twenty of them take selfies with him. In 4 years, Teng has built a collection of 30,000 selfies with thousands of smiling passengers.

Teng posts the selfies on his social media account, which has gained over 100,000 followers.