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Burglar tries to getaway on wheelchair he stole from victim before being bitten by dog

By Mason White 8:23 AM April 27, 2015
Electronic wheelchair illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A man in California, was arrested after he stole an elderly man’s wheelchair.

54-year-old Stanley McQuery broke into the apartment of a man in Hillcrest, San Diego, early Thursday, and drove off in the man’s electronic wheelchair.

However, he was arrested nearby after being bitten by a police dog, authorities said.

79-year-old William Ballard said that McQuery came into his apartment shortly after 3:30 a.m., through the window of his bedroom.

Ballard was in bed at the time, but when he thought that the thief was gone, he got into his wheelchair, took his cellphone and attempted to call police.

That is when the thief reappeared in his room, stole his cellphone and pushed him out of the wheelchair, San Diego police Officer Frank Cali said.

Ballard suffered minor injuries. McQuery used the electric chair as a getaway vehicle, but the police caught him a couple of blocks away, Cali said.

McQuery got out of the vehicle and began running from police. Officers sent their dog to get the suspect. He was bitten by the police dog and taken into custody.

McQuery was charged with robbery, burglary and elder abuse. He is being held at the San Diego Central Jail in lieu of $105,000 bail.