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6 women record themselves twerking inappropriately at World War II memorial

By Mason White 8:26 AM April 27, 2015
The women dancing 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Three women of Russia, were jailed after a video surfaced, showing them twerking inappropriately.

In total, six women were accused of hooliganism after posting a video of themselves performing hip-hop dance and twerking next to a World War II memorial in Novorossiysk.

A19-year-old woman was sentenced to serve 15 days in jail and 2 women in their 20s were sentenced to serve 10 days.

Two of the six women in the video, had their sentence reduced to a fine for health reasons.

One of the dancers was under 16 years old, and avoided punishment. However, her mother was reprimanded for “failure to encourage the physical, intellectual,
psychological, spiritual and moral development of a child.”

The Malaya Zemlya Memorial, which is seen behind the twerkers, commemorates a battle to free Novorossiysk from German occupation in 1943.