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Teacher embarrassed young girl by asking her if she has her period after asking for bathroom break

By Mason White 11:13 AM April 28, 2015
Students illustration 

By: Chan Yuan
A teacher was fired after allegedly asking a female student who asked to use the bathroom, if she was having her period, school officials in Australia said.

George Steele, a food technology teacher, worked at the Mill Park Secondary College and was the subject of 49 formal complaints before being dismissed.

The complaints were listed as part of a ruling by the Victorian Institute of Teaching, which found that Steele was not fit to teach.

A student said that Steele told them that girls have to clean up after boys. Another student said that he told her to drink a cup of cement and harden up after she asked him for help with a recipe.

Students also complained that the teacher ate all the food in the cooking class. He was also accused of storing beer in a classroom fridge.

One girl reported that she embarrassed after asking for a bathroom break. Steele asked her in front of other students if she was having her period.

Steele denied the allegations.