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Lesbian couple awarded $135,000 after accusing bakery of mentally raping them by refusing to sell them cake

By Mason White 2:38 PM April 28, 2015
Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer 

By: Wayne Morin
A lesbian couple filed a lawsuit against a bakery that refused to sell them a cake, according to court documents in Oregon.

Now, a judge has ordered the bakery to give Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer $135,000 for emotional damage.

The couple filed their lawsuit against Sweet Cakes Bakery, which is run by Aaron and Melissa Klein. The Christian couple refused to sell the lesbians a cake for their wedding.

In the lawsuit, the two women claimed to have been mentally raped and suffering 88 symptoms of emotional distress.

The long list of symptoms included acute loss of confidence, doubt, excessive sleep, feeling mentally raped, dirty and shameful.

They also suffered high blood pressure, poor digestion, loss of appetite, headaches, resumption of smoking, shock, stunned, surprised, uncertainty, weight gain and concern.

The bakery said that the ruling will bankrupt their company.

When the couple came to purchase the wedding cake, Aaron Klein told them that making the cake would be against their religious principles.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries said that there was sufficient evidence that the bakery discriminated against the same sex couple.

Supporters of the bakery launched a fundraising campaign on Gofundme, but it was shut down by the company as the site does not allow fundraising for people who violated the law.