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Airline slapped with lawsuit after serving passenger Sprite instead of 7UP

By Mason White 5:41 PM April 28, 2015
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By: Chan Yuan
An airline was slapped with a lawsuit after a passenger who asked for Sprite in French, was served 7UP instead, according to court documents in Canada.

Now, the government announced that it could force all airlines to have a crew member aboard who can speak French, after the passenger complained about being served the wrong brand of soda.

Michael Thibodeau sued Air Canada after he was given a Sprite instead of 7UP by a flight attendant who only speaks English.

He called the airline employees malicious, oppressive and reprehensible for not answering his questions in French during his flight.

Thibodeau is a fluent English speaker.

The legal action has inspired parliament member Stephane Dion to present a bill, demanding that all flights from and to the country have a bilingual French speaker on board.

Being able to order 7Up in French on a plane is a fundamental right and all Canadians should be able to sue the airlines if this is not the case, Dion said.

Thibodeau was initially awarded $12,250 in damages, but Air Canada appealed and the decision was overturned. Then he took his case to the Supreme Court, where the judges ruled that he was not entitled to receive a cash payout.

Instead, the airline was ordered to apologize.