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4-year-old girl banned from school after being raped by school bus driver

By Mason White 10:52 AM April 28, 2015

By: Chan Yuan
The parents of a young girl were horrified to learn that their daughter was raped on her school bus.

They were even more angry when they were notified that their daughter was banned from returning to school because of the sexual assault.

The nasty attack took place on a school bus in New Delhi, India.

The parents of the 4-year-old victim were told that she cannot return to school because officials were afraid that she would bring shame and she would be a “bad influence” on other students.

The parents filed a complaint against the school bus driver and he was arrested for questioning.

Now, politicians are demanding the family to apologize to the school officials for reporting the incident to police, although it was the school’s bus driver who hurt the girl.

“We are in contact with the school and hope to resolve the issue as quickly as possible,” a police spokesperson said.