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Gymnast, 21, left paralyzed after falling from a hotel balcony while on the phone

By Mason White 5:46 PM April 28, 2015
Dina Amos-Larkin 

By: Wayne Morin
A 21-year-old woman was left paralyzed after falling 4 floors from a hotel balcony.

The British gymnast has been paralyzed from the neck down after falling 50 feet.

Dina Amos-Larkin from Poole, Dorset, was attending a four-day sports festival in Salou, Spain, when she fell while talking to her mother on the phone.

The 21-year-old woman who represents Great Britain at trampolining, was place in a medically induced coma for two weeks.

Police initially thought that the woman jumped from the fourth floor balcony in a suicide attempt.

However, when Amos-Larkin awoke from the coma, she said that she spent all day doing sports and she was drinking at night, but she said that she was not drunk.

“The balcony railing was lower than my waist and I think I only leaned back too far,” Amos-Larkin said about her accidental fall, which left her paralyzed.

Amos-Larkin is not only a gymnast, she was also studying to become a lawyer before the accident.