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Police officers beat teen for saying that their shoes smelled of dog feces

By Mason White 1:44 PM April 30, 2015
Joseph Murphy (left) and Jose Ocasio 

By: Wayne Morin
Two police officers were arrested, charged and convicted of attempted assault after beating a teen for saying that their shoes smelled of dog feces, prosecutors in New York said.

Now, a judge sentenced Jose Ocasio and Joseph Murphy, both of the Bronx, to 30 days behind bars.

The two officers were accused of beating and kicking 17-year-old Tyre Davis, outside their police station.

The attack came after Davis was detained for disorderly conduct over his comments about the smell of the officers’ shoes.

Davis loudly told his friends that the police officers’ shoes smell like dog feces. Davis claims that he turned around and realized that there was a uniformed police officer scraping his shoe.

The beating was captured on surveillance video.

Murphy and Ocasio were found guilty of harassment and attempted assault, but cleared on charges of assault because Davis was not seriously injured.

The officers plan to appeal the verdict and sentence.