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15-year-old girl kicked out of classroom because he skirt was too long

By Mason White 1:46 PM April 30, 2015
Sarah K. 

By: Chan Yuan
A teen girl in France, was embarrassed in front of her class after being banned from school because she was wearing a long skirt.

The 15-year-old Muslim girl was banned from her class twice for wearing the skirt that was deemed as too long.

School officials claimed that the long skirt is a public display of religion, which is prohibited. The law prohibits students from wearing religious symbols openly in educational institutions.

The student, identified as Sarah K., took off her headscarf before entering the school, but her long skirt was called a provocation and a potential act of protest.

The girl was told to go home and return with a neutral skirt, but she refused. The incident unfolded in a school in Charleville-Mezieres.

The action of the school sparked protests, and people are saying that students should be allowed to wear whatever they like.