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Couple choke their 3-year-old son to death after keeping him locked in a rabbit cage for months

By Mason White 4:33 PM April 30, 2015
Rabbit cage illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A couple was arrested on charges of murder after keeping their young son in a rabbit cage before killing him, police in Japan said.

Tokyo Police said that they have arrested the 31-year-old husband and his 28-year-old wife after being accused of fatally abusing their 3-year-old son, and then dumping his body in a river.

Shinobu and Tomomi Minagawa confined the boy in the rabbit cage for 4 months. The couple starved the boy, and then they choked him to death by covering his nose and mouth with a towel.

After his death, his body was placed in a box and dumped into the Arakawa River. The child’s body has not been found. Tomomi Minagawa told investigators that she put her son into the cage as a form of discipline because he disobeyed her.

The couple has six children. They have previously been arrested on charges of abusing one of their daughters.