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Baseball coach forces students to spit in his face

By Mason White 9:41 AM April 29, 2015
Baseball player illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A baseball coach is under fire for the bizarre punishment he handed down to students.

Justin Hill is the baseball coach at a high school in Currituck County, North Carolina.

He has been suspended after forcing his players to spit in his face.

Hill, who attended the Currituck County High School, was suspended for one game after students told their parents of their unusual punishment for missing practice.

Hill was angry when 9 players skipped practice.

During the following practice, Hill told all of those 9 players that they have been disrespectful to other teammates by not showing up to practice.

Hill then ordered the students to spit in his face. The school is investigating the incident, but refused to comment on the unsanitary and unusual behavior of the coach.