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Thieves attempt to make money by selling stolen pizza to police officers at police station

By Mason White 9:45 AM April 29, 2015
Pizza illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
Two men stole a lot of pizza and attempted to sell them to police officers during their shift.

The pizza thieves may have had plans to make a lot of money by trying to sell some of the stolen pizza to police officers.

Police received a call from a warehouse in Gambell, Alaska, around 10:00 a.m., to report the theft of 80 frozen pizza pies.

The stolen pies had an estimated value of $1,100, Alaska State Troopers said.

The investigators did not have to work very hard to find the culprits as the two suspects called them.

29-year-old John Koozaata and 21-year-old Lewis Oozeva allegedly called the Gambell Police Department, offering to sell pizzas to the police.

The officers agreed to meet the men, who were immediately arrested.

Koozaata and Oozeva allegedly admitted to eating 5 of the stolen pies and they tried selling the other 75. Police confiscated the 75 pies.

Koozaata and Oozeva were charged with second-degree burglary and second-degree theft. They were booked into the Anvil Mountain Correctional Center.