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Group of friends fly 1,000 miles to Spain after getting drunk at bar

By Mason White 11:37 AM April 29, 2015
The friends on the plane 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A group of friends found themselves far away from home after a night out at a bar.

Matt Weyman, Adam Holloway, Jack Gough, and Dan Griffiths, all of England, partied at a nightclub before they decided to go to Spain.

The men of Midlands, took a taxi to Birmingham Airport with nothing but the clothes they were wearing and the possessions they had on them at the bar.

Weyman said that the idea came to them when one of the group presented a passport for identification to enter the bar in Stourbridge.

“It seemed a good idea at the time. It started as a bit of a joke and then things kind of escalated,” he said.

The group booked tickets while at the club on their cellphones. In their drunken state of mind, the men bought tickets.

They took a taxi to get their passports. The group then traveled to the airport and flew to Spain.

The next morning, the group had a lot of explaining to do to their bosses and parents.