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Teacher caught hugging and kissing 16-year-old student (video)

By Mason White 10:43 AM April 30, 2015
The teacher with his student 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A teacher is under fire after he was seen kissing his student.

The teacher of China, was caught on camera hugging and kissing the student in his office.

The teacher who was identified as Mr. Xu, was seen by other students as he groped the 16-year-old girl at a school in the Yubei District of Chongqing.

The 30-second clip, captured on a mobile phone, caused outrage when it was uploaded to the Internet.

The video shows the bald teacher hug and kiss the teen by the window of his office. The girl was seen turning her head, seemingly trying to resist his advances.

The teacher then grabbed her by the waist and starts kissing her neck.

The shocking images has attracted much public attention and debate across the country, with calls for action to be taken against the school.

The Yubei District Board of Education has launched investigations, and determined that the teacher involved had committed a serious breach of professional conduct.

The school has fired the teacher over his conduct. They released a statement saying: “We do not tolerate that kind of behavior in our school from anyone, especially from teachers.”