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Mother claims her 14-year-old son raped her

By Mason White 8:33 AM May 1, 2015
Woman in bed 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A teenage boy was arrested after his mother said that her son raped her.

The mother of the United Kingdom, called police to report that her 14-year-old son raped her.

However, when the case went to court this week, she told the jury she was “99.9% certain” that it was all a dream after a night of drinking.

Her son, who cannot be named for legal reasons, always maintained his innocence and denied the accusation.

The boy, now 15, gave evidence at trial and said that he often got into bed with his mother who has mental issues.

“I’ve always been a baby that way,” he added.

He said that he got into bed with her after hearing his mother come home drunk from a night of partying. He explained that he got under the covers, put on the TV and fell asleep with his arm around his mother. She later awoke and shouted: “What the f***k do you think you’re doing.”

She then called police to report that her son raped her. The woman said that her son was on top of her when she woke up.

However, she later changed her story and told investigators that she thought that it was all a dream.

Prosecutor Francis McEntee refused to drop the charges against the 14-year-old boy after the mother recanted her story, saying that she was lying to protect her son from going to prison.

The jury heard the evidence from the mother and son, and found the teen not guilty of the charges.

A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Services said: “This allegation was of a very serious offense and it was important that the jury heard all the evidence so that they were able to make a decision in this case. We respect the jury’s decision.”