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Twins use their identical looks to confuse security guards to steal food and beer

By Mason White 11:05 AM May 1, 2015
Penelope and Constance Harris 

By: Chan Yuan
Twin sisters managed to steal food and beer from a store after deceiving security guards with their identical looks.

The twin who were successful in many of their robbery sprees, have been jailed.

Penelope and Constance Harris, 25, of Porthleven, England, carried out a series of robberies in which they were wearing the same clothes to fool the staff and get away with shopping carts loaded with food and alcohol.

As part of the scam, one of the sisters would take a cart to the checkout and pay, while the other would leave with another cart full of stolen goods.

Because they look so similar, staff members believed that only one of them had visited the shop and they paid for the items before they left.

The sisters used this trick in Marks & Spencer, Tesco and other stores throughout Cornwall.

Police said that the twins stole at least $1,500 worth of food and alcohol. The twins were sent to jail after they admitted their crimes.

Constance was ordered to serve 18 weeks in prison, while her twin sister Penelope, was given a sentence of 14 weeks in prison.