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Man calls fire department 5,000 times because ambulance cut him off on the road

By Mason White 3:39 PM May 3, 2015
Ambulance illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man who became extremely angry that an ambulance cut him off on the road, called the fire department 5,000 times before being arrested, police in Japan said.

Chiba Police said that they have arrested 52-year-old Atsuhiko Fuse, after being accused of dialing 119 five thousand times and remained silent on the phone.

Fuse has been charged with one count of obstruction of business.

Police said that Fuse made the 5,000 calls to the Funabashi City Fire Department, and then remained silent on the line until the dispatcher hung up.

During questioning, Fuse told police that he became irritated after an ambulance cut him off on the road while he was driving.