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Man shoots man and woman before killing himself because he missed out on threesome

By Mason White 2:14 PM May 4, 2015
John Williams Clements 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was looking forward to having a threesome with his former girlfriend and another woman.

However, when the two women had sex with another man, he became outraged and brought a gun to the home.

John Williams Clements of Australia, shot and killed a man and a woman before shooting himself because he missed out on the threesome.

According to court documents, Clements, 46, was furious when his plans to have a threesome with the two women fell through because they invited another man instead.

The incident occurred when Clements went to the house of his former girlfriend Kylie Hales, where they planned to have the threesome with her and another woman who was identified as Helen Scott.

However, Scott invited her former husband, police officer Timothy Scott, to join the threesome.

Mad at the lost opportunity, Clements warned his former girlfriend that he will hurt her. He then went to his home in Devonport, Tasmania, to get his gun.

Meanwhile, Hales called her friend, 30-year-old Benjamin Mark Aherne, for help, fearing that Clements would return.

Aherne arrived home with his girlfriend, Christina Rowlands. When Clements returned with the gun, an argument broke out and shots were fired.

Aherne was killed and his girlfriend was wounded before Clements turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.