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Man who won $75,000 from lottery ticket accidentally walks away with just $75

By Mason White 3:36 PM May 5, 2015
Lottery tickets illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Lottery officials in California, are looking for a man who accidentally walked away from a gas station with $75 instead of $75,000.

The manager of the gas station in Palmdale, said that an employee misread the numbers on the machine when the man entered the shop and gave in his lottery ticket.

The man took his $75 and left before the employee could realize his mistake. Lottery officials launched an investigation and are trying to track down the man in order to give him an additional $74,925.

The man has another six months to collect his winnings.

The owner of the gas station, Shamsun Hahar Islam, released surveillance video of the man who cashed the lottery ticket, in hopes that the public will be able to recognize the man and alert him about his winning lottery ticket.