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Pizza delivery driver who was stabbed in back manages to drop off order before collapsing

By Mason White 10:41 AM May 6, 2015
Josh Lewis 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A pizza delivery driver was hospitalized after he was stabbed and robbed.

The pizza delivery driver of Louisville, Kentucky, was stabbed and his car was stolen, but he still managed to deliver the pizza before collapsing.

25-year-old Josh Lewis left the Spinelli’s Pizzeria, around 2:45 p.m. on his way to Norton Hospital, Willow Rouben, the regional manager of Spinelli’s Pizzeria said.

Lewis was attacked when he arrived at the hospital. As he was taking the pizza from his car to deliver, he was stabbed in the back. Believe it or not, he made his delivery before collapsing.

Unfortunately, Norton Hospital, where Lewis delivered the pizza, does not have an emergency room. So after the delivery, Lewis was rushed to Louisville University Hospital.

Investigators described the suspect as a black man in his 40s. He drove off in a black Jeep Cherokee, which Lewis was driving.

Lewis needed emergency surgery for a collapsed lung.

Lewis is a student at the University of Detroit, Michigan. He worked at Spinelli’s for the last six months.