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100 students banned from graduation for releasing crickets and chickens in school

By Mason White 10:54 AM May 6, 2015
Graduation cake illustration 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) School officials in Tennessee, banned 100 students from graduating over a prank went horribly wrong.

Students said that it all began with a Facebook group of seniors who were planning to carry out simple pranks. Students began showing up to the Sequoyah High School in Madisonville with glitter, balloons and toilet paper with the intention to keep it fun and harmless.

However, as more students turned up after 1:00 a.m., the pranks took a turn for the worse.

Students began vandalizing the school by spray painting the walls, ripping signs, stealing from students’ lockers and releasing animals in the building.

The students reportedly pleased fish in the toilets and they released crickets and chickens in the building.

Many students claim that they left the building when they saw how things are getting out of control. They claim that out of the 100 students that showed up, only about 20 did the damage.

Students and parents feel that the punishment of not being able to graduate is too harsh. They are demanding that the school review surveillance videos and punish only those who did the actual damage.