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Company prints magazine with blood from HIV positive people

By Mason White 10:53 AM May 7, 2015
The Vangardist magazine 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Would you read a magazine printed with blood from people who are HIV positive?

A German men’s magazine printed its latest edition using the blood of people who are HIV positive in order to counter the stigma often linked to the virus.

The Vangardist magazine, which is printed in Austria, said that they wanted to bring attention to the “stigma and irrational fears of HIV positive people.”

The company took blood from 3 HIV positive people and mixed the blood with ink in their printing press. “If you hold the magazine in your hands its like holding somebody who is HIV positive. Nothing can happen, nothing can harm you by holding the magazine, and nothing can harm you holding an HIV-positive person,” the magazine said.