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Millionaire seen on video urinating on candy next to counter at pharmacy (video)

By Mason White 9:11 AM May 8, 2015
Robert Durst 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A millionaire was caught on surveillance video urinating on candy at the check out counter at a pharmacy in Texas.

Security video was published recently, showing millionaire 72-year-old Robert Durst urinating on candy in a CVS pharmacy in Houston.

In the video, the real estate millionaire is seen walking up to the register and relieving himself.

His attorney attempted to keep the video out of the public eye, saying that his client’s behavior was due to a medical issue.

Durst had been released from the hospital shortly before the incident after having a medical procedure done.

“This was a medical mishap, plain and simple. He had to go and he couldn’t hold it,” said Durst’s lawyer.

Durst, who comes from a family of wealthy real estate developers in Manhattan, ruined about $100 worth of candy.

He pleaded no contest to the charges of criminal mischief and was ordered to pay restitution to the CVS pharmacy.