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Restaurant employee caught on video pleasuring himself during work

By Mason White 10:24 AM May 10, 2015
Emanuel Williams 

By: Feng Qian
Police are looking to arrest a Waffle House employee for pleasuring himself during work.

Another employee at the Waffle House recorded 36-year-old Emanuel Williams, pleasuring himself inside the restaurant in Georgia.

Police are looking to arrest Williams, as they have a warrant for his arrest on charges of public indecency, police said.

Williams is wanted in connection with the incident, which occurred on Monday evening, in the dining area of the Waffle House in Macon, police said.

The female coworker who took the video of the act, posted it to Facebook.

After getting angry messages and threats from Williams and his girlfriend, the woman reported him to police.

Investigators reviewed the video and reported that it clearly shows Williams exposing his private parts and pleasuring himself.

Williams was “sitting at a booth facing a window,” according to a Bibb County Sheriff’s Office report.

The coworker told police that she informed Williams that she was recording him in the act, and he said that he did not care and continued doing so.

When the woman called him a pervert, Williams allegedly replied that he is not a pervert, but a freak.

Williams was fired from his job at the Waffle House, and has a warrant out for his arrest.

Williams is a registered sex offender in Bibb County, due to a 1999 conviction for rape. He served nearly a decade in state prison.