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Woman pregnant after being raped in a hospital while in a coma

By Mason White 11:02 AM May 11, 2015
Woman in hospital bed illustration 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman became pregnant after she was raped while she was in a coma.

The young woman of Argentina, who has been hospitalized and in a coma for about 1 year, was raped and became pregnant, according to

Police were notified about the incident. However, the family chose not to file charges against the rapist.

Police are not sure if the rape took place at the hospital in Cordoba, where she is currently at or in another hospital where she was before being transferred here.

The identity of the victim has not be revealed to protect her privacy.

However, since the family did not want to file a legal complaint, police closed the investigation into the matter.

Sources close the family said they suspect that a relative who was occasionally in charge of caring for the young woman, might have been responsible for impregnating her.

However, it may also have been one of the male staff members at the hospital.

The family did not disclose if they intended to terminate the pregnancy or not.