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51-year-old man sneezes out dart that was stuck up his nose for 44 years

By Mason White 9:31 AM May 13, 2015
Steve Easton 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A man in the United Kingdom, can finally breathe again after living with a dart up his nose for 44 years.

51-year-old Steve Easton of Surrey, said that he thought the stuffed nose was the result of a cold or a headache.

Now, his nasal passages are clear for the first time since childhood after a sneezing fit cleared the problem. While sitting at his computer, he sneezed and blew out the end of a toy dart, about the size of a small coin.

Easton told his mother, and was surprised to learn that at the age of seven, his parents had taken him to a hospital after they thought he had inhaled the dart.

His mother and father, both 77, of Buckinghamshire, had found their little son playing with his dart and realized that one of the tips were missing before taking him to the hospital.

Doctors at the hospital searched for the dart, but they couldn’t find anything. Easton has suffered from a cold all his life, but as far as he is aware of, the dart caused no other health problems.