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Sister kills her younger brother because he refused to wash dishes

By Mason White 4:32 PM May 14, 2015
Dirty dishes illustration 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A young woman was arrested on charges of murder after allegedly killing her younger brother because he refused to wash dishes, police in Nigeria said.

Delta State Police said that they arrested 21-year-old Omasan Ogbe, after being accused of stabbing her younger brother identified as Laju.

According to the police investigation, Ogbe was angry that her brother refused wash dishes.

Ogbe approached her brother and asked him to wash dishes, but the boy refused, saying that he brought water to the home and was very tired.

The disagreement turned violent, and the siblings began hitting each other. At some point, the woman grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Laju in the chest.

The boy screamed for help, and he was taken to the Warri Central Hospital, where he died. Laju was only son in the family.