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Firefighter gropes 15-year-old boy on crowded train

By Mason White 5:52 PM May 14, 2015
Train station illustration 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A firefighter was arrested on charges of sexual assault after groping a teen on a crowded train, police in Japan said.

The Suita City Fire Department suspended 26-year-old Yuya Nakamoto for six months after being accused of sexually assaulting the 15-year-old boy on the Keihan Main Line.

According to the police investigation, Nakamoto groped the lower body parts of the child.

After leaving the train at the Kyobashi station, the boy screamed and Nakamoto was arrested by officers from the Miyakojima police station.

During questioning, the suspect admitted to the allegations. Prosecutors declined to file charges against the firefighter.

Nakamoto resigned from the fire department after being suspended for six months.