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Woman crushed by 4 ton digital advertising billboard

By Mason White 10:28 AM May 14, 2015
The fallen billboard 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Police in England, are investigating how two huge billboards fell from a building.

One of the billboards fell on top of a woman as she was talking on her cellphone.

The pedestrian, who is said to be in her thirties, is lucky to be alive after the digital billboard, which is 20 feet wide with a weight of four tons, collapsed on top of her a few days after it was installed.

The woman of Tooting, London, who was reportedly walking to work, was struck by the huge metal billboard after it fell 20 feet from a wall during rush hour.

Witnesses described hearing a thunders noise and the building shaking before seeing the sign covering the body of the woman on the floor. The sign covered her body, but it did not touch her head.

Witnesses said that another huge sign fell on the same day on the same street. Some people believe the second sign fell from “shutter” of the first sign.

Clear Channel, the advertising company who installed the billboard, is now investigating 30 other digital signs over concerns of their safety.